(Expiry Date: 30 Nov 2020) Organic Milk Cereal with Millet
(Expiry Date: 30 Nov 2020) Organic Milk Cereal with Millet

(Expiry Date: 30 Nov 2020) Organic Milk Cereal with Millet

(Expiry Date: 30 Nov 2020) Organic Milk Cereal with Millet

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Weight per packet:
250 g
Time to consume:
after 4 months
* For Fast Sales Only: Organic Milk Cereal with Millet (expiry date: 30th Sept 2015)
** Only applicable to local sales

Why do we create a Fast Sales for these items?
According to a report by TIME Magazine in September in 2013, food are thrown out prematurely and food supply is disposed –untouched – every year because of food dating.
Global hunger and poverty are experienced by millions around the world, yet the extent of food wastage is unimaginable.One main contributing factor is the misconception about these so-called expiry dates.
According to the same article, "Use by” and “Best by” are intended for consumer use, but are typically the date the manufacturer deems the product reaches peak freshness.
It’s not a date to indicate spoilage, nor does it necessarily signal that the food is no longer safe to eat.
We can’t help but be motivated by the sheer amount of wastage going on globally that we decide to put up this list for parents. Our warehouse is fully air-conditioned and the products are kept in the best conditions to maintain their freshness.


Wholegrain millet flour* 49 %, skimmed milk powder* 21 %, whey powder* partly demineralised 12 %, palm oil*, maltodextrin*, calcium carbonate, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin D

*from organic farming

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:



Easy to prepare – just boil water and stir in the Milk Cereal with Millet.


Organic Milk Cereal with Millet is made from 99% organically produced ingredients. Made from wholegrain millet, premium organic vegetable oil and organic milk from cows raised in their natural environment (according to EU organic regulations).

Please note:

Please always feed the porridge with a spoon. Replaces a bottle meal as part of a mixed diet after 4 months onwards. Do not give to babies under 4 months as a substitute for breast milk. Ideal as an evening snack to get babies used to a new diet. Follow the preparation instructions on the package.
- Always prepare fresh food. Do not use leftovers.

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