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Symbolic first Holle sustainability report

Sustainable, right from the start

Holle baby food has always pursued the goals of sustainable production and business practices – long before sustainability became a modern buzzword. In order to make this approach visible, Holle developed a sustainability signet in the form of an ear of corn. This reflects the company’s beginnings – Holle baby porridges made from Demeter-certified cereals – and also the high level of responsibility involved in producing the best organic baby food. These “Seeds of Sustainability” are also a central element of the first Holle sustainability report, which has now been published.

In the beginning, there was the grain – at Holle, anyway. Holle started manufacturing high-quality baby food from biodynamically grown cereals over 80 years ago. Promoting sustainable farming and drawing on it to produce baby food of the very highest quality has always been our highest priority. Our values still apply today: from the origins of the raw materials to the finished product, responsible production and business practices are the pillars of the Holle baby food corporate philosophy. “Quality requirements of baby food are as high as they get. This also means recognising requirements, providing new impetus and sometimes also being a pioneer,” the Holle management says.

The Holle Seeds of Sustainability

As a symbol of this responsibility, Holle developed its Seeds of Sustainability, based on the ears of corn in the corporate logo, which reflect the beginnings of the Holle brand. The Seeds of Sustainability represent six key areas where sustainability is very much present and accountable within our company. Together with the slogan “Sustainable, right from the start”, the Seeds of Sustainability are gradually being introduced onto all products in the form of a signet. With the slogan, we want to show that Holle is committed to sustainable business practices right from sourcing the raw materials to the finished product.

110 pages of transparency

Each of the Seeds of Sustainability is based on the Holle sustainability philosophy, which was developed over 80 years ago. The seeds have now put down roots and are flourishing. In the past few years, Holle baby food GmbH and its two brands, Holle and Lebenswert bio, has experienced growth far above the industry average and is also expecting significant increases in turnover in the years to come. “It is true that strong growth can sometimes mean that companies can lose sight of what’s important. So that this doesn’t happen to us, we want to continue to focus intensively on the aspect of sustainable development,” the Holle management says. In the first sustainability report in the company’s history, which has now been published, the company does just that. Over 110 pages, this milestone achievement transparently shows “what we have already achieved in terms of sustainability, what challenges we face, and how we want to approach our shared future together”. In the report, the six Seeds of Sustainability represent key topics where sustainability is very much present and accountable within our company: management, product responsibility, partnerships, agriculture, employees and resources. Each of these topics is covered in its own dedicated chapter. At the end of the report, the concrete sustainability goals are listed and made accountable for future reports.

Moving forwards with flagship projects

Partnerships with producers are also of major importance in the Holle sustainability report. These partnerships have continued to result in unique flagship projects. As a partner of the Bruderhahn Initiative Deutschland, Holle is committed to increasing the ethical standards of poultry farming.

Holle is also showing its commitment to global climate protection with the slogan “Boden gut machen” [Gaining ground]. As the world’s first manufacturer of Demeter-certified baby food, the company has been offsetting CO2e emissions that are the result of infant formula production since early 2013. Holle baby porridges and milk cereals have also been CO2e-neutral since November 2014.

A new sustainability report every two years

The information provided in this sustainability report relates to the 2013 calendar year. In addition, the major developments of the 2014 calendar year are also covered. The content of the report corresponds to the “Core” level of the Global Reporting Initiative in its fourth revision (GRI G4). Together with the nine dimensions of the Sustainability Flower of the International Association of Partnership in Ecology and Trade (IAP), these standards form the basis of our reporting.

A new Holle sustainability report is expected every two years. The latest version can be viewed at or at the Biofach trade fair at stand 221 in hall 7.

About Holle baby food

Holle baby food GmbH makes baby food in organic and biodynamic quality. The company has sites in Riehen (Switzerland) and in Grünsfeld near Tauberbischofsheim (Germany). The product range includes infant formula, baby porridges, jars and fruit and vegetable pouches. Baby weaning oil, teas and snacks complete the extensive range. Holle products are sold in more than 40 countries. The company, founded in Switzerland in 1933, is the market leader in Germany’s organic specialist retailer segment and a founding member of, with 700 000 visitors a month the most successful internet portal for new parents.


Holle baby food GmbH

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 Photo Caption: The new Holle Seeds of Sustainability represent how Holle baby food sees itself with regard to sustainable business practices and the manufacture of high-quality organic baby foods. It is also a central element of the new sustainability report.
(Source: Holle baby food GmbH)


Photo Caption: Anne Mutter (on the right in the left-hand picture), Udo Fischer (on the left in the central picture) and Peter Kropf (on the left in the right-hand picture) of the Holle management are in personal contact with the company’s raw material suppliers and guarantee the availability of the high-quality raw materials required. (Source: Holle baby food GmbH)


Photo Caption: 110 pages of transparency – the new Holle sustainability report “Sustainable, right from the start”. Available online at
(Source: Holle baby food GmbH)

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