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Date: Biofach 2015

Organic goat milk: the alternative protein source

Holle develops goat milk-based formula range of organic quality

Goat milk has become a very popular alternative to cow milk among new parents. Holle, already offering an organic goat milk follow-on formula, is currently working on a goat milk-based product range. The products and their new packaging design will be presented on the Biofach, hall 7, stand 221.

Cow milk and goat milk are equally suitable for infant nutrition, as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) states in a report for the European Commission in 2012. Goat milk is a good, suitable and safe source of protein. The EU legislation recognised goat milk as a suitable and equal source of protein in 2013.

“Holle has been offering goat milk-based infant formula since 2004. The EU legislation at the time didn’t attend to the issue of goat milk as a source of protein in infant nutrition. There were different opinions about if and to what extent it can be used for that purpose. That is why we were offering our goat milk-based infant formula for babies ‘from 12 months’”, says Angelika Welz from the Holle product development. Since mid-2014, the Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula 2 has been labelled “after 6 months”.

Goat milk: a scarce resource

Goat milk is a scarce resource. “Organic quality goat milk in particular is only scarcely available. Despite that, we managed to increase the availability of goat milk in the past year significantly and, keeping our high quality standards, to raise our production capacities”, the Holle management states. From April 2015, Holle is going to further increase the production output.

A new milk formula range based on organic goat milk

The new legal situation and the better availability of organic goat milk allow for the development of a new milk formula range based on organic goat milk. “A lot of parents appreciate the EU’s approval of organic goat milk as a source of protein”, says Angelika Welz. “We can now benefit from the experience we’ve gained in the past 11 years in producing goat milk-based products and expand our goat milk range.” An organic goat milk follow-on formula 3 (after 10 months) is already in the planning stage and will probably be introduced in mid-2015. Holle can now offer an organic alternative for all parents who don’t want to use cow milk.

Innovative products, new design

The packaging design of the goat milk products has been radically improved and adjusted to fit the corporate design. With the goat image on the package front, parents looking for an alternative to cow milk products can easily find it on the shelf.

About Holle baby food

Holle baby food GmbH makes baby food in organic and biodynamic quality. The company has sites in Riehen (Switzerland) and in Grünsfeld near Tauberbischofsheim (Germany). The product range includes infant formula, baby porridges, jars and fruit and vegetable pouches. Baby weaning oil, teas and snacks complete the extensive range. Holle products are sold in more than 40 countries. The company, founded in Switzerland in 1933, is the market leader in Germany’s organic specialist retailer segment and a founding member of, with 700 000 visitors a month the most successful internet portal for new parents.


Holle baby food GmbH

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Photo Caption: As of mid-2014, the popular Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula 2 can be used for babies “after 6 months“. In addition, the Holle goat milk formula range comes with a whole new look.
(Source: Holle baby food GmbH)



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