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Date: March 2015

Holle baby food receives Demeter honorary award

Baby food from one of the oldest Demeter brands

Every year on the Biofach, Demeter e.V. is honouring the work of its members with various prizes and awards. Founded as a pioneer producer of biodynamic food such as bread, flakes, grains and baby porridges, Holle was among the first Demeter producers worldwide. From the very beginning, Holle followed the principles of anthroposophic nutrition. Holle’s distinct innovative capacities, its commitment to sustainability and its high-quality products made it easy for the Demeter jury to select their “Product of the Year”: The expert panel awarded Holle baby food GmbH with the Demeter honorary award.

Ever since the foundation of the company in 1933, Holle has consistently focused on naturalness, strictly abstaining from chemical processing materials and preservatives for more than 80 years. Up to this day, Holle baby food is being produced only with raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards – the basis for the special quality in Holle’s baby food.

Today, there are more than 60 products carrying the “Love, comfort and Holle” message. Through close cooperation with raw materials suppliers and producers, Holle secures its top position as market leader in the German specialist organic trade. “Our long-term partnerships are particularly important to us. They are the basis for best quality, and distinguish us from our competitors”, states the Holle management. The Demeter milk for the Holle infant formula, for example, comes from the Schrozberg dairy farmers’ association and is processed in Germany and Austria.

Time and again, unique flagship projects arise from these partnerships. Holle is particularly committed to sustainability. As a partner of the German Bruderhahn initiative, Holle is committed to a more ethical breeding of laying hens and roosters. Under the motto “Making soil good” Holle is participating in global climate protection. Since early 2013, Holle has been compensating for the CO2 emissions generated during the production of infant formulas – the first manufacturer of Demeter baby food worldwide to do so.

Since November 2014, also some of the Holle cereal porridges and all milk cereals have been carbon neutral.

Being a producer of goat’s milk products, Holle has teamed up with Demeter and the Monte Ziego dairy to support the Ziegenmilch-Initiative Schwarzwald, a goat’s milk initiative aiming to maintain family farms and smallholdings in the Black Forest region and securing their economic viability over the long term. If the project is a success, the main ingredient of the Holle goat milk-based infant formulas will be coming from Demeter farmers from the Black Forest region.

The slogan “Sustainable from the very beginning” demonstrates Holle’s commitment to sustainable economic activity – from the origins of the raw materials to the finished product. All this information can also be found in the recently published Sustainability Report 2013/2014.

About Holle baby food

Holle baby food GmbH makes baby food in organic and biodynamic quality. The company has sites in Riehen (Switzerland) and in Grünsfeld near Tauberbischofsheim (Germany). The product range includes infant formula, baby porridges, jars and fruit and vegetable pouches. Baby weaning oil, teas and snacks complete the extensive range. Holle products are sold in more than 40 countries. The company, founded in Switzerland in 1933, is the market leader in Germany’s organic specialist retailer segment and a founding member of, with 700 000 visitors a month the most successful internet portal for new parents.

Holle baby food GmbH
Viola Hechinger (Management Marketing),, Tel. +41 (0) 61 555 07 02



Picture: For its special commitment, Holle received the Demeter honorary award 2015 on the Biofach.

Picture: Udo Fischer, manager of Holle baby food GmbH (left) and Klemens Fischer, board member of Demeter e.V.(right).
(Source: Demeter e.V.)


Picture: The Demeter honorary award 2015
(Source: Holle baby food GmbH)

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