Holle has been a leader in organic baby food for over 80 years. That is why you can place your absolute trust in Holle to provide the best quality food for your babies. Our commitment to parents around the globe is to use premium quality Demeter and organic ingredients in our range of baby foods. Our strong food science and infant nutrition knowledge further reinforce our passion to promote healthy living for the young.

For over 80 years, Holle has been providing natural, chemical-free foods for healthier living. To this end, our range of baby food has been consistently made up of biodynamic or organically grown raw ingredients. We also take pride that our foods are Demeter-labelled*. From porridges to formula milk and baby food jars, we ensure that the ingredients used in the foods such as grains, milk, fruits and vegetables are harvested and produced in Demeter certified biodynamic farms located in Germany.

Moreover, we are committed to provide the highest quality, nutritious and premium ingredients in our baby foods by obtaining rice from Italy and millet from Hungary. This complements our Demeter certified biodynamic supply of ingredients such as rice from Italy and millet from Hungary.

Why does Holle trust the Demeter method?

Foods that are harvested under the Demeter label use an organic approach to harness the wholesome qualities of the plant. Chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or artificial methods are strictly prohibited to harvest their crops. Only natural and eco-friendly planting, harvesting and cultivating methods are deployed to bring out the wholesome goodness and nutrients of each ingredient. We believe that food raised organically will not only benefit our young and the environment but also tastes better.

Our Belief : Food with Nature – Improving the Quality of Life

What does this mean? It means serving the very best quality of baby food produced with sustainability raised organic produce that taste great and packed with nutrients. This is why Holle takes pride in integrating environmentally sustainable values into our core business since 1930s. Since then, Holle has been a strong advocate of anthroposophically oriented dietetics and biodynamic quality in food. Therefore, we work base on a business approach to promote these 2 methods of food agriculture. We are proud to be certified as the world’s first Demeter manufacturer; further reinforcing our values to promote healthy eating.

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