Demeter Milk

Demeter’s milk has earned the trust of the world’s leading food companies like Holle because for generations Demeter certified biodynamic farmers’ allow their cows to graze and feed on grass plains. Coupled with sustainable farming and milk production, this ensures that Holle meets the supreme nutrition and quality in all Demeter’s milk.

Demeter’s animal husbandry methods are entirely natural and environmentally friendly which boosts the nutritional value of the milk produced by cows that are reared under Demeter standards.

Demeter qualified milk contains a high content of Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that are vital for strong growth and good health. The milk is also tastier and sweeter due to its natural and herb-infused diet, which is specially designed for cows.

Holle Infant Formula is Made of Demeter Quality Milk

Holle only uses premium Demeter quality milk in all our formula milk. Why? Because Demeter certified milk comes from cows that are reared and bred in natural and humane living conditions. Demeter is also against dehorning of cows, which is a painful and inhumane procedure. Cow horns are essential for strong and healthy upbringing of cows as it helps maintain milk quality and aid digestion. The result: Delicious, wholesome and nutritious milk – ideal for Holle’s organic milk formulas. 

Wholesome Goodness For Every Child – Demeter Certified biodynamic Grains

Holle believes in providing the best for our babies and it is our utmost responsibility to ensure that Demeter certified biodynamic grains are used in our range of porridges. These grains are rich with essential nutrients and fiber for vital infant growth. When it comes to nutrients that babies need, whole grains deliver. They are filled with strong flavors, energy-rich carbohydrates and fiber that promote digestion.

To ensure infants gain maximum nutritional goodness from the grains, Holle uses the highest standards of food processing methods to cook our porridges– giving your child 100% wholesome goodness in every spoonful.

Quality through Freshness - Demeter Certified Biodynamic Fruits and Vegetables

At Holle, we work hard to source for ingredients that are not only nourishing but also helps to protect planet earth. That is why we only use Demeter certified biodynamic fruits and vegetables which are cultivated using traditional methods and harvested in environmentally friendly manners. These results in better tasting, nutrient-rich produce. Holle’s range of baby food is made from the finest ingredients and is designed to give the very best for your child. Farmers who practice biodynamic agriculture prepare their own fertilizers from a mixture of herbs, minerals and manure, which are also harvested from their own farms. Regular doses of it are added to their soil to increase its fertility. Hence, fruits and vegetables grown on biodynamic farmlands are richer in nutrients and natural tasting.

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