What is Our Story?
What is Our Story?

When Chadil first opened its doors in 2012, its goal was simple: to promote healthy and organic infant meals to modern families in Singapore. The Chadil team – led by a group of energetic and passionate folks who researched conscientiously on the kinds of high quality and great nutrition organic baby food, made available to these families the convenience and easy access to these premium products. Naturalness is at the heart of everything we do at Chadil and the idea was also to encourage families in Singapore to be more connected with the kind of food they feed their babies.

We are inspired by Holle (Hol-ler) whose vision and passion is providing the very best for infants through their holistic approach in an agriculture production management based upon processes that result not only in a sustainable ecosystem but also 100% natural and nutritional food catered specially for babies to grow up strong and healthy.

Chadil is proud to be the sole distributor of Holle organic baby food in Singapore.

Because We Want to Make Lives of Modern Parents Easier

We appreciate and celebrate that healthy food and cooking improves the lives of our future generation. This belief drives the Chadil team to have high standards in product quality – focusing on the ingredients used, freshness in all organic produce and even down to the taste and appearance of the products distributed.

Above it all, we believe that organic baby food should be made accessible to every family and at a reasonable price. Which is why we are dedicated to distribute Holle’s range of organic and Demeter baby food at major supermarkets, hospitals, organic stores and major departmental stores. Busy parents can also choose to purchase their organic food online. Now every baby can enjoy healthy, natural and nutritious food!
Because We Believe that Food in its Natural State and Produced Through Farming Techniques that Protect the Environment Provides the Best Nutrition

Chadil works closely with Holle to achieve the same goal – that is to deliver premium Demeter quality organic infant foods in Singapore. It also means that we support brands that are eco-friendly, organically grown and only obtain our supplies from companies who focus on responsible and sustainable practices to ensure that our foods are the highest quality and of the best.

At Chadil, we also believe that there is a story behind each of our products. This means that we are dedicated to fully understand the ingredients used as well as the processing methods for each food product we distribute. It is our responsibility to have a full idea of the origins of each product we distribute and how they are manufactured. Holle’s enthusiasm to encourage an organic and healthy diet for babies has resulted in the Holle infant formula, which is the first, and only Demeter infant formula manufactured using CO2 neutral practices in Holle’s dairy farms. The Holle infant formula guarantees that each ingredient used and the food processing methods undertaken to produce Holle’s products are environmentally friendly and at the same time adhering to the highest product quality standards.

We love this synergy between food and nature and this guides how we run this business.

What Drives Us?
What Drives Us?

At Chadil, we are passionate about providing food and nutrition that supports a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable way to live. Our mission is to promote healthy organic eating habits for infants in Singapore by offering great tasting, high quality organic food through convenient means for modern moms and dads. Which is why, we believe in bringing greater awareness and appreciation in sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation to our customers. Chadil’s aim to influence the Singapore community on organic health and nutrition has resulted in ensuring that the products they carry adhere to eco-living food production and distribution practices. These practices are based on environmentally sound efforts that ensure that the ingredients used are naturally cultivated, processed and distributed so that they significantly benefit babies’ health after consumption. That is what makes Chadil – naturally the best for babies.

In 2015, Chadil Pte Ltd is invited to join The Promising SME 500 2015.


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